About Us

Welcome to Project Doc Blog!  Project DOC has established a network of stakeholders in the lower Rio Grande Valley, including doctors, nurses, promotoras (Hispanic health care educators), community health organizations and retailers to engage patients. This includes partnering with Wal-Mart and community health programs to offer free health screenings and education at convenient locations and using mobile technology developed by AT&T to empower self-management by patients at home and support doctors. No matter where patients are, a secure health information interchange operated by PricewaterhouseCoopers will ensure that doctors have full access to the patient’s data from clinics, retail locations or their homes. A cognitive application developed by IBM Watson Health will organize patients’ complex health and medical data in a way that doctors can get the full picture in minutes, so they can spend more time talking to their patients.

“Project DOC leverages innovative tools at the intersection of medicine and big data to change the way chronic diseases like diabetes are managed,” said Chin, the UT System’s associate vice chancellor for health transformation and chief innovation officer for health affairs. “Our intent is to drive fundamental changes in our current health care system. But the project is not just about technologies or finding magic bullets. It’s about engaging all stakeholders to develop a holistic solution to improve chronic disease management and motivate healthier behavior for improved health outcomes.